Winter Globe

Celebrate the winter holiday season and bring Christmas right to your party!


The Gauntlet

Bring thrill and excitment to your party with the new Gauntlet Ride. They'll never forget this party.



Bring the zoo to your kids at your next party With the Barnyard Petting Zoo!

Dimensions: 20'(L) X 14'(W) X 12'(H)




The game zone interactive will keep kids entertained for hours! They can choose from playing Connect 4, Puzzle, and Tic-Tac-Toe. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser

Dimensions: 15'(L) X 15'(W) X 11'(H)


This interactive is a monster of a bouncy and sure to keep your kids and guests entertained!! Featuring a dual-lane climb and slide, a curved dual lane obstacle track, slides, punch balls and so much more!

Dimensions: 45'(L) X 45'(W) X 20'(H)



Backyard Obstacle Course offers challenging obstacle entertainment in one unit. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with stamina-building climbing and descending along the way!



This entertaining Box N' Bounce inflatable boxing game is an ideal addition to any outdoor event or Party Rental, and will engage guests young and old. Promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship with the inflatable Box N' Bounce game!

Dimensions: 15'(L) X 15'(L) X 7'(H)


Enjoy our 3-Way Bungee Bouncer unlike anything you have ever experienced. Get catapulted 28 feet in the air and experience unbelievable fun.

Dimensions: 30'(W) X 30'(W) X 35'(H)


Enjoy our Cannon Ball Bouncer and have fun for hours! This interactive games will have kids excited as they enjoy all this has to offer


The Fun House Bouncer is the perfect amount of bouncing fun for an event. This spacious bounce house provides more than 200 square feet of pure bounce, plenty of room for participants to jump their way through the day! Jumping is a great way to promote healthy activity for kids of all ages and will keep kids entertained for hours on end.


The Pedestal Joust inflatable game offers plenty of straight-up jousting! Players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, using over sized inflatable joust poles to try and knock one another to the floor.

Dimensions: 25'(L) X 20'(W) X 3'(H)



Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall combined with one or more of our classic bounce favorites, will guarantee your party or event to be truly unique. The Rock wall stands 25 ft high and takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble.

Dimensions: 8'(W) X 24'(H)



One of our top rentals! Guests step into a sticky suit, and then take their turn at storming the castle. Once they reach the end, the over sized inflatable Velcro wall catches participants in mid-jump. So much fun!

Dimensions: 21'(L) X 11'(W) X 13'(H)



Toxic Drop is a new inflatable obstacle course with a twist:

It is a two player game where the players are challenged by a series of different obstacles. As they progress to the second section, they get higher & higher by climbing up the blocks. When they get to the last block it is in the shape of a giant wedge (narrower at the bottom) thus causing it to sway back and forth.

The players have to balance themselves so they don’t fall down The Drop. If they do they can exit out the side and try again.

Dimensions: 78′(L) X 12′(W) X 16′(H)

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The Zip Line is designed for ages 3 to 73. At 36' tall and 105' long, the Amazon Zip Line is the safest zip line in the world! Each rider rests securely in a harness, eliminating the need to hold on to any trolley handles. It also has an inflatable mattress that extends under the rider the entire length of the ride. Two riders can ride simultaneously. This is an amazing and unique amusement ride. You will have the time of your life!

Dimensions:  70’(L) X 28'(W) X 36'(H)




Become an Ninja Warrior and conquer the Ninja Wall! An inflatable warped wall with 3 different deck heights. Run up the specially designed warped wall with enough grip to make it to the top! If you need a helping hand there are removable PVC grab bars to pull yourself up onto the deck; once at the top its a left turn to slide down back to the start.

Dimensions:  70’(L) X 28'(W) X 36'(H)